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Septic Tank Pumping – Trick or Treat?


Septic Tank Pumping-Does your septic contractor pump & run? In other words play a trick on you? Some septic contractors do not pump a septic tank correctly. Resulting in bad septic system care. What does this mean for septic tank maintenance?

Here are a couple of “tricks”

1) A septic contractor will quote you a lower price than the competition for septic tank pumping. Only to find out they never showed up or only pumped the septic effluent ‘”liquid” from the septic tank. They never removed the accumulated solids (sludge layer) that has built up on the bottom of the tank. The two headed monster trick.

2) A septic contractor will show up, turn the septic truck on, put the hose in the tank & never turn on the pump to remove the waste. The ghost trick.

4) The septic tank is never completely cleaned without backwashing the septic tank to remove the sludge layer from the sides and bottom of the septic tank. An experienced caring septic contractor will remove the sludge layer of accumulated solids from your septic tank. The scarecrow trick.

5) A visual septic inspection by the septic contractor should be completed at the time of the septic tank pumping. If there are issues that are noticed-best for you to know now rather than later when a costly problem may arise that could have been prevented. The one eye’d monster trick.

If you are a homeowner with a septic system then proper septic tank maintenance is important to a long lasting septic system. Here is how a septic tank functions: 

Septic tank is a chamber that is designed to accept domestic waste water from originates from sinks, showers, toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwaters, etc.  The tank acts like a filter utilizing inlet & outlet baffles & flow restrictions causing separation of solids & liquids.  The liquid (effluent ) is then discharged into a disposal area (drain field or leach field), seepage pits/tanks or trenches. The solids remain in the septic tank in which organic material undergoes facultative and anaerobic decomposition. The degree on decomposition depends on the retention time and the concentration of solids in the tank. Over time depending on the degree of usage, inert sludge settles to the bottom of the tank. When the sludge layer reaches a level that significantly degrades the decomposition process, the tank must be pumped out. The entire tanks contents are pumped (removed).

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