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Buying a home with a Septic System?

Buyer Beware

Buying a home with a Septic System? You’ve contacted the right people @ A-Norton Septic Contracting

For those you do not know what a septic system is-here is an explanation:

A Septic System is your own underground sewer plant. The correct name for this type of utility is:

An Individual On-site Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System

Your Septic System consists of a Septic Tank and a Disposal Area. Some

Septic Systems have a pump tank & mounded disposal area due to seasonal high water table or environmentally sensitive soils.

Most Septic Tanks are made out of concrete (precast) though in older homes they can be made from concrete block (cinder block or brick) or steel.

The Disposal Area can consist of the following types:

A leach field or disposal bed consisting of stone, sand & pvc pipework.

A trench system which may have one or more “trenches or ditches”

A seepage pit which is a tank or pits that is perforated to allow sewage to seep out.

A Septic System MUST be maintained & care for by the current homeowner or property owner. Just like any utility or appliance in your home it needs preventative care & maintenance. When buying a home you will need a septic inspection completed to inspection the system for its current working condition. This inspection will must be performed by a septic contractor or licensed home inspector that has knowledge of septic systems. There are a lot of “septic system inspectors” out there so you must choose wisely. Your decision should be based on the following characteristics not just price:

  • Expertise: Contract with a company that has “hands-on” knowledge. They know how a system works, can provide repairs & guide you accordingly-Not just “septic book smart”
  • Honesty & integrity-Will be upfront regardless. Will pass or failure a system based on inspection findings-not just because they speculated or need the work.
  • Good Communication skills: Can they explain & answer your questions? Guide you & give you information on septic care & usage?
  • Long term relationship: Do they service septic systems are well? Can you call them to fix a problem & if you need septic service? Now or in the future?
  • Value: Price is one thing-Best value for your money is another. Just don’t price shop. You get what you pay for.
  • References: Ask around. Check with your realtor or the local health department. Check their company website. A good company will answer the phone & talk with you.