Septic Installations

We at A-Norton Septic Contracting have installed and replaced over 50+ septic systems a year for many years. As a full service company we can provide “COMPLETE SEPTIC SERVICE”.

Here is how we do it at A-Norton Septic Contracting………

 #1 Experience

Our advanced certified septic system installer (CIOWTS) is owner/operator. We have the most up to date knowledge and training with over 25+ years of hands-on experience.

# 2 Trust

We are fully licensed and insured. We are also registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs.

We follow the standards of NJDEP, NJSMA & PSMA.

 # 3 Dependability

We set up a scheduled start date and that is the day we start. (Weather permitting) From start to finish-your project is the only one we work on during that scheduled time. Our septic system installations usually are completed in 5 day time frame. (Monday thru Friday) No waiting around for us-No outside subcontractors are used for our installations. ALL work including final landscaping & sprinkler re-connections are completed by A-Norton Septic Contracting.

 # 4 Quality

Most people don’t even know how a septic system works let alone the differences in quality materials to complete a septic system project. Those differences in quality are critical to the life expectancy of a septic system. (Probable cause of most malfunctions-poor quality sand) The sand required for most septic systems has been a major discussion point among the NJDEP, local health departments, septic installers and homeowners. We at A-Norton only use premium certified sand (Coarse C-33 Sand) in the zone of treatment on all our septic system projects. High quality materials-for a long-lasting, healthy Septic System.

 # 5 Service

“Quality Work and Service-Just ask your Neighbors” is our motto. Our work is mostly thru referrals from satisfied customers telling their friends. Local health department officials and engineers speak highly of our workmanship and service. A list of references for the past three years is proudly provided with every estimate.

 # 6 Communication

We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your septic system. We provide a reminder card/call system and our Septic 101 guidelines help you maintain your septic system. Visit our website for more information.

 # 7 Price

Our free estimates are for “Complete Septic Service” No hidden fees or charges. Be leery of the “will match lowest estimate” or the bait & switch routine. It pays to look into the lowest bid. Shop for the best value & quality, not lowest price. Remember “Quality workmanship & materials costs money, poor workmanship & materials costs you more money”.