Selling a home? Have a client buying a home? You have been on both sides of the picket fence if you’re a realtor. Have you had the following happen to you?

Had a great client, lovely home or property involved, looking to close real soon-ONLY to have the deal fall thru due to a Septic System issue?

Well you shouldn’t have if you called us!

In this housing market no-one can afford to lose a sale.

We @ A-Norton Septic Contracting are here to help.

If you are a listing agent-you know that in order to sell a home the experts recommend to Fix It! Which means: Anything that is not operating, including windows, leaky roofs or appliances should be repaired or replaced. It is cheaper to fix it than to deduct from the sales price.

That includes the Septic System (which is the most expensive, most utilized appliance/utility in the home)

We can guide you accordingly if you are under contact or better yet consult with us if your client is listing a home with you to have us a do an on-site evaluation of the current Septic System. This simple effort can go a long way to make a deal instead of break one. 

By knowing the status of the Septic System before you are under contract-that repair may be able to be made with minimal cost & time as a opposed to having a war with your client, the listing or selling agent & their client, both parties’ lawyers, the mortgage company & the local Health Department, then postponing the closing or losing that sale.

Get it sold! Consult with us!!!