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Septic Systems-It is easy to forget your Septic System when the summer is here. Vacations, relaxing by the pool, backyard parties etc. your septic system in not on your mind. If you’re the homeowner that likes to entertain (graduation parties, backyard barbecues, frequent family & guests over to visit) then you need to remember your most important plumbing in your home-your septic system. With increased water usage due to more people using your water facilities-showers, toilets, dishwasher, washing machine etc this can overload your septic system. With increased water flow to the septic system this can result in septic tank overflow or a saturated disposal area. What to do?

1) Pump your septic tank: Check to see when it was last serviced. If having a large amount of people over have the tank pumped prior to the party or rent a portable restroom to give your septic system a break.

2) Educate your guests: Some people are not familiar with a septic system & may flush items that the system cannot handle causing a blockage or a clogged tank and/or outlet line.

3) Know where your septic system is located: Do not have people park their cars over the septic system. Damage may occur that will cause issues resulting in repair/replacement of the septic system.

4) Over use of sprinklers system near or on the septic system: Careful of over watering by the septic system. This can result in poor drainage of the absorption area.

Summer may be short-lived but preventative maintenance is important for a long lasting, healthy septic system.

Septic System codes have changed to prevent people having a continuously failing septic system.This is a state & local health code violation. So repair and/or remediation may be very costly if you have to upgrade your septic system to the New 2012 Septic System codes in New Jersey. 

Keep your septic system happy & healthy. In the long run it will keep your home, property and environment healthy & working well for many years to come.

Relax & Consult with A-Norton Septic Contracting for all your Septic System needs. We are a full service company that handles Septic Tank pumping & cleaning, Septic System repairs & installations, Septic Inspections & consultations/troubleshooting and Septic preventative maintenance option. We know Septic!

Remember it is the most expensive utility in your home-make it last!

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