Custom Built Homes

Custom Home?

Get a Custom Septic System!

Building a Custom House? Dream Home? New addition? You have worked hard & deserve to have a beautiful, custom designed home or addition.

So you did the following:

Hired a top-notch architect so you can put your vision on paper. Hired a general contractor to build that home to the highest quality specifications & standards.

Hired a subcontractor to install a sub-par septic system.


The Septic System is the most expensive utility/appliance in your home.

Why leave that responsibility to any contractor or engineer.

Most engineers & local contractors are used to dealing with spec & tract homes.

They are not aware nor care about your Individual Subsurface Septic System.

We @ A-Norton Septic Contracting do care!

We only work with custom home builders and a select few engineers to design & install a Septic System that will be long lasting, easy to maintain and a environmentally friendly system. Our engineers are chosen based on the expertise, attention to details, the willingness to create a long-lasting system, their positive relationship with the local health department & officials and fast, no hassle design process.  Each project is treated as if it is our own home. We can also work with any engineer that may have been involved with the project to help & guide them accordingly.

If you property is one with environmental concerns, such as high water table or presence of wetlands, smaller scale lot size, clay-type soil?

We have a solution that will work.

Top quality materials & expert installations with preventative maintenance options along with our great reputation have established us as a leader in Septic Systems.

Don’t let your biggest, most expensive, used daily appliance be sub-par!

Trust us in the long run a properly designed, quality installed Septic System will

serve you & your family well for many years to come.

Contact us for a long list of referrals & how we can help you have the finest, greenest, highest quality installed & designed Septic System in your neighborhood or in the land if you chose to build a castle.