Expert Septic System Contractor for Repair & Installation

A-Norton Septic Contracting an environmentally conscience company has through education, strong attention to detail, and a willingness to continually improve our performance-built a solid reputation as one of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties’ experts in the Septic System repair/replacement and installation field. We are a Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems-Advanced Level  (CIOWTS) Currently only seven (7) companies or individuals in New Jersey hold this NJDEP required Certification.

“Work & Service, Just Ask Your Neighbors” is our motto!!


From minor repairs to engineer designed septic installations, whether residential or commercial, A-Norton Septic Contracting is qualified & ready to serve you. We have been in the Septic System business for 25+ years!

On-site consultation and problem-solving is our specialty. We specialize in repairs of septic systems that have failed prematurely. This has been a common with many septic systems built after 1990. Through our years of “hands on” experience with these problems we have developed highly successful methods of repair and remediation to extend the life of these systems along with all the septic systems we repair & install.

A-Norton Septic Contracting performs ALL of the excavation and installation of the septic system components. All repairs/installations are owner/operator supervised. NO subcontractors are used. ALL work is completed by A-Norton Septic Contracting. Exception: Electrical contractor (if applicable) Our electrical contractor is NOT affiliated with us-but were chosen for their knowledge and expertise of our septic system projects.

At A-Norton Septic Contracting we take extra measures to limit the disturbance to your home & property during the repair/installation process.

  •   Steel plates are provided to help protect driveway/sidewalks/curbing and lawn areas from damage from trucks & excavators during repair/installation work.
  •   Locate sprinkler heads in advance and mark & remove conflicting components. Replace & test when job is completed.
  •   Apply screened topsoil and hand-rake & power-rake disturbed areas.
  •   Seed and mulch (mulch straw) to stabilize soil and facilitate a grass cover .
  •  Provide “As Built” drawing for reference to identify your septic area so future construction/additions/patio & deck add-ons won’t disturb your septic system.
  •   Six (6) month courtesy check/cleaning of the effluent filter.
  •  Utility mark-out (NJ OneCall) is called prior to all excavations to locate & mark all utilities in the project area to minimize utility disturbances. 
  •   Ten (10) year warranty-Transferable to new homeowner

Our motto “Quality Work & Service, Just Ask Your Neighbors” is taken seriously on all our jobs we perform. We only use certified C-33 septic sand for all our installations. This top quality sand exceeds requirement needs by local health departments & engineers. This course, clean fast-draining sand results in longer life expectancy of the Disposal Area. We rely on referrals that speak highly of our service and quality work. We provide three (3) years of local references for all our septic repairs & installations for your trust and knowledge of our workmanship. Our goal is to provide a professionally constructed septic system using ONLY premium quality materials for a long lasting system and to leave your property as neat as possible when our work is completed.

Let us add you to our long list of satisfied septic customers!