Septic Sand

Premium Sand in Zone of Treatment


The use of extremely coarse, clean sand for at least the first 12″ in the  Zone of Treatment further enhances the life expectancy of the Disposal  Area. This type of sand makes it harder for a clogging mat to form where stone and sand met. The sand required for most Septic Systems (K-4) has been a major discussion point among NJDEP, local health departments, septic installers and unfortunately homeowners during the past fifteen (15) years.

The general consensus among us is that the coarser and cleaner the sand, the better!

ALL our Septic System projects ONLY have C-33 Concrete Certified Sand installed. This sand exceeds requirement needs by local health departments & engineers. This course, clean fast-draining sand results in longer life expectancy of the Disposal Area.  K-4 sand will meet minimum standards & most likely was the sand that was installed in your original Septic System.

K-4 sand contains fines and silt which allows clogging mats to form resulting in premature failure of most Disposal Fields. Even K-5 sand has been known to still have fines, silt, clay even glauconitic (a mineral of green color with very low weathering resistance & is very friable*) Only

C-33 sand is put thru a wash plant before it is installed.

A-Norton Septic Contracting  have been setting the standards higher & installing this type of sand for the past fifteen (15)+  years.

“Quality Work & Materials=Longevity


Cheapest bid & lesser quality materials=Premature Failing”


You decide!