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Septic System- Super Storm Sandy


Septic System- Super Storm Sandy


For those who have been affected by Storm Sandy & the snow storm that followed our thoughts & prayers go out to those who have lost a little or lost a lot. We are all involved in the ramifications that have been left by both storms. But Jersey is strong & we will prevail.  We also want to make sure your septic system has remained intact during the recent storms.

1)      With a lot of down trees & debris, make sure your septic components are intact. Due to the force of a falling tree your septic tank lid(s) can be broken without even knowing it. Or tree roots can damage your existing septic tank or septic system. Along with a down tree comes-clean up of the tree waste left behind. Make sure no-one is driving any heavy equipment or placing a trash dumpster over and/or on top of any septic system. This can create another problem for you. So look around to make sure there are no visible wet areas that may indicate broken pipe work or a septic system malfunction. Consult with a Septic Contractor when in doubt.

2)      For those who have a septic system maintained by an effluent pump (mounded or pump system) check to make sure your effluent pump(s) are working correctly & the alarm inside your home is reset & working due to recent power outages. 

3)      Bathroom plumbing vents can be clogged with leaf debris, etc and cause a “sewer” smell in the bathrooms. Make sure all outside vents are clear of any debris.

4)      For those in high water level areas (flooded areas) your septic system may not be draining correctly due to the recent high water table level. Keep excessive water use to a minimum to allow for the disposal area to drain naturally. Pumping of your septic tank is also recommended at this time.

5)       If you were fortunate to have power or a generator and had family, friends or strangers staying with you, your septic system was working overtime to handle the larger volume of water being used in your home.  We recommend the septic tank be pumped to prevent any back-up into the home or environment.

It will take awhile for New Jersey to get back to “normal” but until then you can at least make sure your septic system is functioning properly.  It is your most expensive utility in your home-make it last.

Consult with A Norton Septic Contracting if you have any questions or concerns regarding your septic system. We know Septic Systems!

We are always here to help!!

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