Septic System Effluent Filters

Filter What? Filter This!

Effluent filters are where it’s at. Especially when it involves protecting & maintaining your septic system. The effluent filter below has trapped debris, hair, lint etc that would normally clog a septic tank & disposal area (lateral lines, seepage pit, disposal field). When a clogging mat has formed in your disposal area of your septic system-your septic system will not work efficiently and can lead to premature failing of your drain field or seepage pit. Repair and/or replacement will be costly and can result in back-up of sewage into your home or on your property causing a health violation issue.

Consult with us @ A-Norton Septic Contracting to keep your septic system happy & healthy.

In the long run it will keep your home, property and environment healthy & working well for many years to come.

Remember your septic system is the most expensive utility in your home-make it last!

NJDEP State Code N.J.A.C 7:9A effective 4-2-2013 requires all Septic Tanks to have a 6″ effluent filter installed on New Septic Tanks as well as current Septic Tanks that need an outlet baffle replaced.

Have your Septic Tank in compliance-Call A-Norton Septic Contracting for all your septic system services

We have been installing effluent filters on our customer’s Septic Tanks for over
the past twelve (12) years. We are always up to date on the current NJDEP regulations
to promote longevity and maintenance on all Septic Systems so in the long
run-Better for you, your family, your home and our environment.

Dirty Filter - Effluent Filters

Effluent filter in action

An effluent filter was installed on an existing septic tank.

Routine preventative maintenance is needed to keep the filter & septic system working correctly.

Effluent Filter

filter submerge tank overflowing 300x225 - Effluent Filtersfilter submerge tank overflowing 150x150 - Effluent Filters
Tank level was high. Note: This tank has a four (4) foot riser on the septic tank lid. If this tank was at ground level the liquid effluent would be leaking from the tank lid or backing up into the home.
filter removed water flowing freely 300x225 - Effluent Filtersfilter removed water flowing freely 150x150 - Effluent Filters
Once clogged effluent filter was removed.-waste water was released in the tank and headed to the absorption area (disposal bed)
back to normal 300x225 - Effluent Filtersback to normal 150x150 - Effluent Filters
Tank level returned to normal after clogged effuent filter was removed.
clogged filter 300x225 - Effluent Filtersclogged filter 150x150 - Effluent Filters
Effluent filter was clogged with debris. Filter prevented this debris from being carried into the absorption area (disposal bed or drain field) where it would have caused clogging of the stone, pipework and sand of the septic system. Resulting in the malfunctioning/failing of the Septic System.
new flilter next to clogged filter 300x225 - Effluent Filtersnew flilter next to clogged filter 150x150 - Effluent Filters
See difference between clogged & new effluent filter. This filter has only been in the tank for six months. So that is why preventative maintenance is crucial for a long lasting , healthy septic system.
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