More Bad Weather

March 4, 2015 / by Valarie / News / 0 Comments
NJ’s record breaking wet cold winter weather has wrecked havoc on our septic systems. And with an upcoming spring thaw it will certainly continue to being problematic for our septic systems. Why? You ask. The reason being that septic systems works by absorption & evaporation-when the ground is already saturated with moisture (snow melt & rain) […]
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Septic Systems Toilet Backups

December 20, 2013 / by Valarie / Septic / 0 Comments
Septic Systems Toilet Backups Toilet backups are not the gift you want to receive this Holiday Season. If you have a septic system this can be a messy & expensive fix at this time of year. For those homes that have septic systems here is a little plumbing lesson: All of your household wastewater- Toilets, […]
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